Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Bangkok Hospital Phuket Phuket

Déanann Ospidéal Bancác Phuket speisialtóireacht in ART/IVF agus ionchlannáin gruaige. Bunaithe i 1995, tá an clinic deimhnithe seo atá creidiúnaithe ag JCI, Creidiúnú Ospidéil na Téalainne, ISO 9001:2008 lonnaithe i Phuket, sa Téalainn. Féach léirmheasanna custaiméirí, roimh/tar éis grianghraif agus fiafraigh faoi phraghas na máinliachta thar lear. Íoslódáil an fhoirm le haghaidh diagnóisic saor in aisce. Freagra tapa.

Bancác Ospidéal Phuket , Phuket , An Téalainn

Cuireann Ospidéal Bancác Phuket, an ceann is mó agus is mó le rá i Phuket, raon leathan cóireálacha, oideachas sláinte agus athshlánúcháin ar fáil i go leor speisialtachtaí. Tar éis dó creidiúnú JCI a bhaint amach in 2009, tá sé in ann cúram treasach den chaighdeán is airde a sholáthar i réimsí mar chairdeolaíocht, galair chalaireicteach, gínéiceolaíocht, néareolaíocht, oinceolaíocht, oftailmeolaíocht agus ortaipéidic.

Le níos mó ná 80,000 cuairteoir ón gcoigríoch in aghaidh na bliana, is ionad turasóireachta leighis é Bangkok Hospital Phuket, ní hamháin don Téalainn ach ar fud an domhain freisin. Tá a chuid cóireála agus tairiscintí folláine gan sárú ar fud na Téalainne freisin – le haghaidh tuilleadh faisnéise, fiosraigh anois nó iarr ceanglófar saor in aisce.

Speisialtacht chlinic:

IVF – Toirchiú In Vitro

Ionchlannú Gruaige
Trasphlandú Gruaige

Seirbhísí +

Cóiríocht teaghlaigh
Wifi saor in aisce,
Árachas Sláinte
Seirbhísí Ateangaireachta
Taifid leighis a aistriú
Árachas Taistil Leighis
seomraí inrochtana PMR
Comhairliúchán idirlín
Teileafón sa seomra
Seomraí príobháideacha
Áiseanna creidimh
Réamhchúraimí aiste bia
Seirbhísí aistriúcháin
Teilifís sa seomra

Cathair : Phuket – Tír: An Téalainn – Bunaithe i 1995
Creidiúnú: Creidiúnú JCI, Creidiúnú Ospidéil na Téalainne, ISO 9001:2008 – Teanga(cha) a labhraítear: Araibis, Sínis, Danmhairgis, Ollainnis, Béarla, Fionlainnis, Fraincis, Gearmáinis, Iodáilis, Seapáinis, Cóiréis, Ioruais, Rúisis, Spáinnis, Sualainnis , Téalainnis

Léirmheas ar Phuket Ospidéal Bancác

Gerry (My2cents)
Gerry (My2cents)
03:47 15 Feb 24
Remarkable service .Was in GI department , Dr the older of the (2) was fabulous and on point with consult and advice.Highly recommend to arrive before 8 am get busy after
Andy M
Andy M
12:33 14 Feb 24
In January 2024 I had an accident with a nasty left wrist fracture requiring urgent surgery. I was referred from Krabi hospital who were incompetent.The surgeon here was excellent and the inpatient services are great (nurses always available and lovely private room). BUT be warned that in the emergency department and the initial stages of your attendance, they will try and get you to sign for treatment even when they know you have travel insurance to cover the costs.In the emergency department, they did try to get me to sign for an £11,000 procedure and then get me to claim it back on my own insurance. They got quite arsey When I asked them to refer back to my insurance and not pressurise me.Please make sure if you have insurance that you do not sign any form or agreement to treatment.Otherwise, this was a fantastic hospital to be treated out. My surgery was successful and I’ve regained complete function in my wrist following nerve injury.Just make sure you follow travelling insurance procedure!
Inna Kochanzhi
Inna Kochanzhi
08:48 15 Feb 24
I have just had a surgery here (wrist bone fracture and dislocation).At first I was a bit surprised by the pricing (I didn’t really expect to get virtually the same quotation as in Shanghai..). To give an idea, the original estimation was 230K-300K for, basically, 36 hours at the hospital and a 1.5-hour surgery (it will be close to the lower mark in the end I guess - including pre-surgery expenses like CT and post-op which is ongoing). By the way, the deposit is paid on arrival before the surgery and is equal to the lower mark of the estimation, and then they bring detailed daily bills before noon.After the surgery, I do understand where this price comes from.First, the hospital itself: it’s a big, spacious, clean, well-designed and very well-equipped hospital. I felt I was staying in a hotel room: wooden pallets on the wall, wardrobe, big bathroom, sofa and armchair for my nearest and dearest, dining table, fridge, TV, cleaning, good AC, bedding etc. And nice food! Mind that I had a standard room.Second, professionalism: this includes smart equipment, doing everything that’s necessary and not doing what’s not, perfectly organised and fast processes, explanations, clear instructions, etc.Third, the staff: very polite and kind, caring, always on guard, always check patient’s state, reacting fast, and they all speak English (at least where it is necessary and to the extent that is necessary). I was very stressed before this experience as last time I had to stay at a hospital was at birth. Therefore, the way everything was handled made me feel as at ease as possible. Good environment and attitude are also very important for me.So it’s totally a good value for money. Wonderful hospital!
Ksenia Vanvai
Ksenia Vanvai
07:37 25 Oct 23
Had cholecystectomy done here. Everything went well.Nurses and doctors are very professional, polite, and friendly.The room was good and big. Like the food as well
Jonathan Zeiss
Jonathan Zeiss
05:48 23 Dec 23
High quality hospital with professional staff. As a foreigner was treated with respect and patience. This may have been chance but it was the shortest door to room time I’ve ever experienced at a hospital. The overnight rooms were clean and quiet and they have several specialists to include a neurologist. Though I hope to never stay again, I recommend the hospital
Nicole Pua
Nicole Pua
04:52 03 Oct 23
This hospital deserves more than just 3.5 stars! Yes, it might be slightly pricey - but you pay for what you get, and quality is what you get here!My boyfriend had a persistent high fever and we were quickly attended to at A&E. Efficient registration process with nurses checking his vitals and assigning him a bed within 15 mins.After doing some tests for flu and COVID, doctor on duty did all the due diligence checks of the stomach, lungs and other areas, before advising us to stay the night as his fever was really high (39.7°C) and persistent. He didn’t try to hard sell and gave us time to consider, which was great as it didn’t add pressure on us.We were covered by travel insurance so we chose to stay, and the transfer to the ward was quick and comfortable. Nurses were really friendly and the ward room was spacious with amenities in place. The guest/caregiver even had a huge sofa to sleep on.Overall, there were some points where we had to wait or take the initiative to get an update/ check done, but the experience was positive nevertheless! Nurses and doctors were generally really helpful and professional.I don’t usually do reviews, but when I do, the place or service must have left an impression. Kudos to the team at Bangkok Hospital Phuket for a 5-star hospital experience!P.S. on a lighter side note, when I went back to the hospital from the hotel with our luggages, there was even a bellboy escorting me and the luggages up to the ward. I’ve been to great hospitals but this is definitely a first 😂
Lee Soon Guan
Lee Soon Guan
06:35 24 Oct 23
Big hospital with modern facilities and equipment. Caters for both local and expatriate community. Attentive and good service. Has all aspects of hospital care.
Sharikov Vladislav
Sharikov Vladislav
07:34 19 Jan 24
There are way too many people.At start, you register and assistants help you with that. Later one of assistants will guide you through different cabinets.I had an appointment at 13 o’clock. At this time I was not invited. I asked what is wrong and they said there are people before me. I asked why there is a live queue when appointments are time based. I insisted abs the doctor was able to speak with me in a few minutes.Actually, there is a feeling that the doctor can’t speak for enough time with patients.After that an assistant asked me to wait near the cashier. After 15 minutes they came again and asked me to go to another floor to another cashier. I am waiting there for 25 minutes so far and nothing happens.
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