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Kamol Hospital Bangkok

Déanann Kamol Hospital speisialtóireacht i máinliacht cosmaideacha agus ionchlannáin gruaige. Bunaithe i 2009, tá an clinic Creidiúnaithe JCI seo lonnaithe i Bancác, sa Téalainn. Féach léirmheasanna custaiméirí, roimh/tar éis grianghraif agus fiafraigh faoi phraghas na máinliachta thar lear. Íoslódáil an fhoirm le haghaidh diagnóisic saor in aisce. Freagra tapa.

Kamol Hospital , Bancác , An Téalainn

Lonnaithe in oirthear na cathrach, i gceantar móréilimh Wang Thong Lang i Bancác, tá cáil ar Kamol Hospital mar gheall ar a mháinliacht phlaisteach/cosmaideach, ag speisialú i nósanna imeachta athshannadh inscne.

Ó fuair creidiúnú JCI in 2015, tá an t-ospidéal ina shuíomh turasóireachta leighis a bhfuil an-tóir orthu dóibh siúd atá ag lorg an chaighdeán is airde i máinliacht plaisteach.

Tá an tsaoráid úrscothach 5,000 méadar seo á bainistiú ag foireann mhór dochtúirí agus foireann leighis faoi stiúir an Dr. Kamol Pansritum – máinlia plaisteach a bhfuil cáil dhomhanda air, tar éis na mílte oibríochtaí athshannadh inscne a dhéanamh.

Speisialtacht chlinic:

Máinliacht plaisteach
Athshannadh gnéis (Baineann go Fireann)
Athshannadh gnéis (Fireann go Mná)
Ionchlannáin buttock
Ardaitheoir cíche
Ardaitheoir Butt
Ardaitheoir thigh
Méadú mamaigh
Ionchlannáin chíche
Atógáil cíche
Ardaitheoir eyebrow
Ardaitheoir muineál
Cruthú eyelid dúbailte
Comhairliúchán máinliacht plaisteach
Feminization facial
Méadú bod
An líne forehead a ísliú
cheeks Hollow – Bichectomy
Atógáil fhód
Feminization an ghutha
Liposuction Ultrasonach

Ionchlannú Gruaige
Trasphlandú Gruaige

Cuireann Kamol Hospital na nithe seo a leanas ar fáil duit:

Aistriú aerfoirt
Cóiríocht teaghlaigh
Wifi saor in aisce,
Áirithint tacsaí
Teileafón sa seomra
Seomraí príobháideacha
Sábháilte sa seomra
Teilifís sa seomra

Cathair: Bancác – Tír: An Téalainn – Bunaithe i 2009
Creidiúnú: JCI Creidiúnaithe – Teanga(cha) labhartha: Béarla, Téalainnis

Léirmheasanna Kamol Hospital

Shauna Harper
Shauna Harper
01:20 26 Oct 23
Having read reviews before I made my decision for my procedure and to travel, I feel that I should share my experience. To begin with, everything exceeded my expectations. Everyone at Kamol Hospital and K-Garden were wonderful. Everyone was helpful, kind, and understanding. K-Garden staff always made me feel welcomed and provided wonderful service. The Kamol Hospital nurses were the most compassionate and professional nurses I've ever had. My doctor was great. The customer care rep has been amazing. Everything was as advertised. I always felt that my safety and comfort was everyone's top priority. In the future, I will always place Kamol Hospital as my first choice for any cosmetic procedures.
Miumi Dae
Miumi Dae
14:14 21 Nov 23
Life changing. I was very nervous to travel to Thailand by my self. I had almost no idea what to expect. After I arrived I immediately felt like I was where I belong. So many other girls from around the world to meet and exchange stories with. This hospital has my deepest appreciation. The staff is very friendly and the nurses are all angels. My surgery results blew my expectations out of the water. Dr.Kamol and his team are experts. I’m very satisfied. I’m coming back one more time in a few months to have my compete surgery and I’m so very excited. I went from being nervous to wishing I was back in Thailand. Kamol Hospital is the right choice.
Noah Edwards
Noah Edwards
07:05 29 Sep 23
I had an amazing experience here. They have comprehensive care that follows you through the entire healing process. They pretty much handle every aspect of your care, from changing dressings to offering accommodations. They bring you to and from the hospital for you appointments from their hotel and pick you up from the airport when you arrive. They alleviated so much of my stress and made me feel so safe. The nursing staff is PHENOMENAL. And Kendra made sure I knew a friendly face in the hotel and introduced me to some peers who I am sure to call close friends for the rest of my life. Truly an amazing experience. Thank you so much, Kamol Hospital!
Kade Fenwick
Kade Fenwick
20:57 19 Jan 24
I have the privilege of working with underrepresented communities in the context of workplace wellbeing, organisational justice and community development.I have never experienced wrap around healthcare as a trans person in the way I have with the Kamol staff. From the expertise of Dr A and Dr K all the way through to the grounds staff, the kindness and empathy and solidarity shown by all has changed my life forever.If you buy into racist stereotypes about Asia and hygiene I can guarantee they will be dissolved upon first conversation with the knowledgeable consultative staff at K Gardens.
Dr. Kerstin-Evelyne Voigt
Dr. Kerstin-Evelyne Voigt
01:51 16 Nov 23
I am just back since a week from my SRS2 surgery which was done by Dr. Kamol himself.I really thank Dr. Kamol so much. But also people like Nanda in the surgery room who are giving you all their sympathy and enthousiasm just before all starts. Even though I still have some pain, I am so happy with my new life. I completely recommend the Kamol hospital and the hotel K-Garden which is only 100m away and which also belongs to the Kamol hospital. Everything is run in a most pleasant and efficient way.I don’t want to forget to thank Oya, Kendra and Jamie Lee for their excellent work. They are not Thai and they help to orient the patients through all types of questions and difficulties. They are a very significant enrichment to the Kamol team. Please do all continue your wonderful work. With love from France, K🤩
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