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Déanann Suleyman Tas Clinic speisialtóireacht i máinliacht chosmaideach. Bunaithe i 2020, tá an clinic seo deimhnithe ag ISAPS (Cumann Idirnáisiúnta Máinliacht Phlaisteach Aeistéitiúil), EBOPRAS – Bord Eorpach na Máinliacht Plaisteacha Athfhoirgnitheach agus Aeistéitiúil, ISHRS – Cumann Idirnáisiúnta na Máinliacht um Athchóiriú Gruaige, EURAPS – Cumann Eorpach na Máinlianna Plaisteacha, RS – An Cumann Rhinoplasty , TPCD – Tuircis Cumann na Máinlianna Plaisteacha Atógálaíocha agus Aeistéitiúla, RMCD – Tuircis Cumann Micreath-mháinliacht Reconstructive lonnaithe in Iostanbúl, an Tuirc. Féach léirmheasanna custaiméirí, roimh/tar éis grianghraif agus fiafraigh faoi phraghas na máinliachta thar lear. Íoslódáil an fhoirm le haghaidh diagnóisic saor in aisce. Freagra tapa.

Suleyman Tas Clinic , Iostanbúl , an Tuirc

Bhunaigh máinlia plaisteach Tuircis agus Eorpach deimhnithe Suleyman Tas Clinic i 2016, chun freastal ar a n-othar leis an aird agus an t-ús is mó. Tá foireann de níos mó ná 10 nduine ag TAS Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, lena n-áirítear cainteoirí Béarla, áilleachta, síceolaí, grianghrafadóir, altra obráide, cúntóirí cliniciúla agus bainisteoir ginearálta.

Ag an gclinic phríobháideach ard-sochaí seo, rinneadh gnáthaimh mháinliachta neamh-ionracha cosúil le tocsain botulinum, líontóirí, PRP, meisiteiripe, ardú aghaidh ultrasonagrafaíochta agus corp, cúram craiceann leighis gairmiúil, snáthaid óir le minicíocht raidió, nósanna imeachta géaraithe giniúna.

Tá an máinlia Dr Suleyman TAS speisialaithe go príomha i rinoplasty . Tháinig sé ina shaineolaí sa réimse sa Tuirc , ach freisin ar fud an domhain , freisin le haghaidh rinoplasty eitneach . Tugann sé comhdhálacha idirnáisiúnta agus déanann sé lialanna srón ar bhonn laethúil chun a scileanna a ghéarú.

Speisialtacht chlinic:

Máinliacht plaisteach

Seirbhísí +

Aistriú aerfoirt
Cóiríocht teaghlaigh
Áirithint eitilte
Wifi saor in aisce,
Áirithint óstán
Seirbhísí Ateangaireachta
Treoraí turasóireachta
Áirithint tacsaí
Comhairliúchán idirlín
Teileafón sa seomra
Seomraí príobháideacha
Seirbhísí aistriúcháin
Teilifís sa seomra

Cathair: Iostanbúl – Tír: An Tuirc – Bunaithe i 2020
Creidiúnú: ISAPS (Cumann Idirnáisiúnta na Máinliacht Phlaisteach Aeistéitiúil), Cumann Idirnáisiúnta na Máinliacht um Athchóiriú Gruaige – Teanga(cha) a labhraítear: Béarla, Rúisis, Tuircis

Tuairim Doç. An Dr Süleyman TAŞ

Shahnaz Beyari
Shahnaz Beyari
12:48 30 Sep 23
The assistant Omar was amazing!! When communicated, he gave my family and I clear details and was never late in replying. He had a clear understanding of the operations and explained everything we asked in details. Can’t explain how great of an asset he is to Dr Tas’s team and would definitely recommend anyone who wants to reach out to reach out to him!! Was a great first impression. Thank you Omar!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Lucia Hederova
Lucia Hederova
12:05 26 Aug 23
My experience with Dr. Tas was very pleasant and without any problems. He made the procedure look so simple thanks to his calm attitude and years of practice. He really listens to his patients and doesn't give you a one-fits-all nose. He makes sure the nose fits your facial features and harmonizes your face and makes the nose look very natural with no scars, no bruising and minimal swelling. Dr.Tas is very busy, hence why he didn't see me after the surgery which I hoped for, but it's understandable. Overall I'm satisfied with the results after 2 months and I wouldn't have chosen a different surgeon.
Oana Craciun
Oana Craciun
10:01 31 Oct 23
Thank you for providing me with an experience that exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Dr. Tas and his teamI had an amazing experience, the service was greatI want to thank Dr. TAS and the team for their dedication and attention to detail that made a significant difference in my recovery process.My intervention was for rhinoplasty. Everything went perfectly, without a bit of pain. I want to mention that I am not from Turkey and from the beginning and post-operatively the nurse Amna made things so clear to me and was by my side with any explanation I needed very quickly. Congratulations!
Sonali Sood
Sonali Sood
07:20 10 Jan 24
Dr Tas and his entire team are wonderful!!! He is a highly skilled and experienced doctor and gives amazing results.. The entire experience was smooth and very comfortable. His team is also very caring specially nurse Amna and nurse Julia ( ulia) . Ms Eerij Fatima is extremely caring and gives a detailed explanation covering all aspects and available spontaneously to clear any doubts . My results look great and would strongly recommend Dr Tas and his services .. he makes you so comfortable and gives you that instant trust and faith that you are in safe hands .. God bless them all ♥️
Riska S
Riska S
05:15 26 Nov 23
At the beginning of June 2023, my wife and me came from far away to Turkey to have face surgery, because I was influenced by Dr. Sulayman Tas' Instagram display that was very good, showing all the good results of the operation, the appearance of which was very perfect. That was one of the biggest mistakes in my life, in addition to the very disappointing results of the operation, my face after the fat graft injection became uneven and this caused my under eyelids to droop, as a result my eyes were always red and teary, the nose surgery also was not what I expected, the nostrils were very small. , the neck lift that I hoped would work well turned out to be a total failure because the fat on my neck didn't disappear and was still sagging, including upper eyelid surgery which was very disappointing because there was no change at all. The surgery also have resuted very noticeable celloid (scars) in my neck because of the poor stitch technique which I have to find another doctor to fix it.The most painful thing was a kind of fraud, namely they charged me and my wife but they did not perform the surgery, for example, temporary lift and eye brow lift which were promised during the consultation were not done to me at all even though it was included in their price calculations, my wife was also charged for a face lift but it was the same that it was not done at all. My wife's neck and cheeks remained still sagging ,at first I believed it cost so much, almost 80,000 USD for the two of us, and it was done by a religious professor who couldn't possibly lie, but it turned out to be very beyond my predictions.They should have refund the unperformed surgery because they did not perform the operation in reality. I am now trying to find international lawyer to sue this hospital, because i believe there are many patients out there who also had same bad experience with this hospital.Please never come to them because I'm sure you will definitely be disappointed, including the service of the nurses and assistants who received my money, they are very unprofessional and disappointing.They only want your money but never sincerely serve patients professionally and as well as possible for maximum results, I am sure that Dr Sulayman Tas's knowledge and skills are very inadequate, he is only good at talking and convincing patients during consultations.
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