Fertility Madrid

Fertility Madrid Madrid

Déanann Maidrid Torthúlacht speisialtóireacht i PMA / IVF. Bunaithe i 1982, tá an clinic deimhnithe seo lonnaithe i Maidrid, an Spáinn. Féach léirmheasanna custaiméirí, roimh/tar éis grianghraif agus fiafraigh faoi phraghas na máinliachta thar lear. Íoslódáil an fhoirm le haghaidh diagnóisic saor in aisce. Freagra tapa.

Fertility Madrid , Maidrid , an Spáinn

Tá Fertility Madrid ar cheann de na clinicí torthúlachta is forbartha san Eoraip i dtéarmaí teicneolaíochta, trealaimh agus eirgeanamaíochta. Déanann sí speisialtóireacht i gcóireálacha toirchithe in vitro (IVF), inseamhnú saorga (AI) agus deonú uibheacha, chomh maith le go leor teicnící eile a dhéantar ag an gclinic, a bhfuil an chéad chuairt saor in aisce.

Tá an chéad chuairt saor in aisce. Buailfidh tú leis an gínéiceolaí, leis an embryologist agus leis an gcóitseálaí torthúlachta ansin. Tá 4 sheomra comhairliúcháin leighis ag an gclinic, 4 sheomra feithimh phríobháideacha, seomra oibriúcháin an-trealmhaithe, roinnt seomraí athshlánaithe, saotharlann IVF den scoth agus saotharlann andreolaíochta.

Úsáideann Fertility Madrid teicneolaíocht cheannródaíoch chun cóireálacha cuimsitheacha a fhorbairt d’othair a bhfuil deacrachtaí torthúlachta acu. Tá sé ar eolas mar gheall ar a chaighdeáin arda compord agus cúram leighis. Tá formhór mór na n-othar an-sásta leis an leibhéal gairmiúlachta agus tacaíochta mhothúchánach a fhaigheann siad ar feadh an phróisis roimh agus tar éis cóireálacha.

Speisialtacht chlinic:

Reo sperm
PMA goir cuidithe
Aistriú suth
Reo uibheacha
Reo suth
Staidéar ar spermatozoa ag FISH
Inseamhnú saorga
Ultrafhuaim follicular
Tástáil ilroinnte DNA sperm
Crióchaomhnú bithóipe magairlí
Aistriú suth
Bailiúchán uibheacha
Caomhnú torthúlachta
IVF – Toirchiú In Vitro
ICSI – instealladh sperm intracytoplasmic
PGD – diagnóis preimplantation
Measúnú torthúlachta
Comhairliúchán IVF
Comhairliúchán ar leigheas atáirgthe

Seirbhísí +

Wifi saor in aisce,
Comhairliúchán idirlín
Seomraí príobháideacha
Teilifís sa seomra

Cathair: Maidrid – Tír: An Spáinn – Bunaithe i 1982
Creidiúnú: Nach bhfuil sonraithe – Teanga(cha) labhartha: Araibis, Béarla, Fraincis, Spáinnis

Léirmheasanna ar thorthúlacht Madrid

Morgana Le Fay
Morgana Le Fay
06:41 19 Oct 23
Excellent clinic, I can only recommend it, the treatment is unbeatable, they make you feel like a person and not just another client. The treatment is completely personalized to achieve the objective. At the beginning of the process I was in another clinic, but it had things that did not convince me, such as a standard hormonal treatment for all women and I decided to change clinics. What a success to come to this clinic, we achieved our goal, and on the first try. I am the mother of a beautiful girl who turns 6 months old today, an angel that the Fertility team in general and Dr. Lidia in particular have managed to give me. Eternally grateful. A big hug to all.
Ines Posada
Ines Posada
12:55 18 Jan 24
Eternally grateful to the entire fertility madrid team for making our dream come true!! It is very difficult for me to express everything I feel, but I want to thank you for all the treatment received in this process, thank you for understanding us, calming us, encouraging us and supporting us in every decision and for trusting us more than ourselves... thank you for making it easy for us to think about going from outside …thank you for treating us like this, as part of you and for transmitting that strength and confidence to us…. The best choice of our life!!! Thanks to Oscar (and his blessing from “Tito Oscar”😍) to our nurses, Cristina, Sandra, Yessica, Griseila…. To Mar, for telling us that it was a precious embryo…. Ainsss and to each and every one who made this possible...but above all for being a light for us at every moment!! And that's it!!! 🥹🥹We couldn't have made a better decision! We hope to visit you soon and introduce you to the little one!!Thanks to the entire team❤️
Laura GM
Laura GM
18:27 27 Aug 23
Very happy with the work of the great Fertility Madrid team. We have not managed to be parents so far, but it certainly has not been due to their lack of effort or dedication. The treatment and professionalism has always been unbeatable, from the doctors to the nurses and even the embryologists. We would like to highlight the great work of Doctor Lydia, our guide and support throughout the entire process, we will be eternally grateful for all her love, advice and dedication. 100% recommended clinic.
kan kan
kan kan
10:04 13 Jun 23
Excellent professionals, highly recommended, tailored and personalized approach, vastly different from the generic and transactional approach of the "renowned" clinics in the city!They are meticulous and highly professional team that will really attend to your needs!
Laura Vaillard
Laura Vaillard
10:18 09 Jan 24
I ended up very disappointed with the clinic. I think that the process of being a mother is very delicate and every detail counts. The first doctor forgot to ask me for some tests (which luckily my personal gynecologist identified so I didn't have to repeat tests). But the most serious thing was that the psychologist, with whom I had never spoken or asked to speak, called me to discuss my poor results from the process, when the new doctor assigned to my case had not even communicated them to me. I think they must improve a lot in the ways and delicacy with which they treat patients, and more, in a process as sensitive and mobilizing as wanting to be a mother.
Cristina R
Cristina R
00:41 09 Feb 24
I don't give 0 stars because it's not possible. I came to this clinic recommended by a friend. My partner and I are 39 years old, I have an antimulerine of almost 4 and my partner has sperm with little mobility but has a much larger quantity than normal.We start the cycle with them.In this cycle the doctor counted 18 follicles.From the beginning they told me that they almost certainly couldn't transfer me fresh because it would surely overstimulate me.On the second day, during the stimulation, they did tests to see my estradiol, which they already sensed would be high, and they told me that if they called me, to start injecting Orgalutran that night and if they didn't call me, to start the next night. They didn't call me that night and I didn't get it, but I was surprised when the doctor called me the next day at 7 a.m. to tell me that I was at my limit and that he should give me the Orgalutran that morning and that night and the following days only at night, I didn't like this but I trusted that the doctor knew what he was doing, that that was what the professional was for.The day of the puncture arrived, they took 14, 10 mature ones and fertilized 7. (They sent me progesterone for the next 5 days, they were not going to transfer me fresh but I still trusted them, if they sent it to me it would be for a reason... ..)Unfortunately, from the first day my embryos had a very chaotic division and finally none of them made it to Blasto.The last day the embryologist called me, she told me that this is due to poor egg quality and for this there is no remedy (only the supplements that I was already taking) and she recommended egg donation. Days passed and I was waiting for a call from my doctor to talk to us, but that call never came and finally we called and made an appointment with him, his response was the same as the embryologist, poor egg quality, there is no remedy, but he told me. He recommended trying it again, knowing that it was most likely that it would turn out just as badly and in the best case scenario that one might end up in Blasto. This made me feel terrible as a woman, my spirits, my self-esteem, absolutely EVERYTHING collapsed, I didn't stop crying for days, I didn't want my husband to even touch me, I felt like I was rotten inside...When I was calmer, my husband convinced me to go to a clinic specialized in difficult fertility problems and we tried the cycle again, everything was very personalized but within the norm, they did not make a special protocol, and today I have 5 frozen embryos !!!!!!! All the embryos have been developing normally, although some have fallen by the wayside, which is normal. There was no poor egg quality!!!!I understand that this is not an exact science, as Fertility kept telling me, but was it really necessary to take responsibility for the bad cycle???? Is it necessary to burden women with that responsibility??????? I had a very bad time for many days and I don't think I deserved it. To this day I think that having injected two doses of Orgalutran in one day deteriorated the quality of my eggs. I think they are very systematic and do not personalize anything and when something is out of the ordinary they are not able to manage it, that is why they sent me progesterone when they would not have even given me a fresh transfer if I had had embryos... The worst of all this The thing is that they made me bear the responsibility of the bad cycle. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CLINIC IN ANY WAY!!!!!!!
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