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Déanann Phuket Dental Signature speisialtóireacht i gcúram fiaclóireachta. Bunaithe i 2014, tá an clinic deimhnithe seo lonnaithe i Phuket, sa Téalainn. Féach léirmheasanna custaiméirí, roimh/tar éis grianghraif agus fiafraigh faoi phraghas na máinliachta thar lear. Íoslódáil an fhoirm le haghaidh diagnóisic saor in aisce. Freagra tapa.

Phuket Dental Signature , Phuket , An Téalainn

Mar chuid de ghrúpa Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC), tá Phuket Dental Signature suite i gcroílár Patong, Phuket agus meallann sé na mílte turasóirí leighis, turasóirí rialta agus expats. Tá an teicneolaíocht fiaclóireachta is déanaí ar fáil sa chlinic agus cuireann sé raon leathan nósanna imeachta ar fáil, ó ghlanadh fiacla bunúsacha agus whitening go hionchlannáin agus veinírí níos casta.

Speisialtacht chlinic:

Cúram fiaclóireachta
X-ghathaithe fiaclóireachta
Glanadh fiacla
líonadh fiacla
Eastóscadh fiaclóireachta
Eastóscadh fiaclóireachta
Garda béal pearsanta
Fiacla whitening
Atógáil fréimhe corónach
Cóireáil canála fréimhe
Choróin fiacail
Greamadh cnámh
Veinírí fiaclóireachta
Trasphlandú sinus
Droichead fiacla
Ionchlannán fiaclóireachta
Próistéis hibrideach ar ionchlannáin
Droichead fiaclóireachta ar ionchlannáin
Comhairliúchán fiaclóireacht cosmaideacha
Seiceáil fiacla
Comhairliúchán fiaclóireachta
Nascáil fiaclóireachta
Scanóir fiaclóireachta
Eastóscadh fiacla eagna
Plánáil fréamhacha

Seirbhísí +

Aistriú aerfoirt
Cóiríocht teaghlaigh
Wifi saor in aisce,
Áirithint óstán
Taifid leighis a aistriú
Comhairliúchán idirlín

Cathair : Phuket – Tír: An Téalainn – Bunaithe i 2014
Creidiúnú: Nach bhfuil sonraithe – Teanga(cha) labhartha: Béarla, Téalainnis

Léirmheasanna Clinic Sínithe Fiaclóireachta Phuket

Ingrid Brent
Ingrid Brent
07:06 28 Sep 23
Amazing, no fuss experience. I had porcelain veneers done with a fantastic result. The staff were very professional, thorough and caring.
R. René
R. René
18:03 30 Dec 23
I had a very good experience. Even that the cabinet had just closed, the kind lady let me in and gave me an appointment. The very next day, the woman dentist made a free check, gave me some good advise and she was very professional. Thank you.
Liam Scanlan
Liam Scanlan
17:33 30 Oct 23
Am VERY pleased with how my dental work here worked out. I had significant sinus damage from a bad Covid situation in early 2020, causing me to lose a half dozen teeth in my top-left quadrant. Signature repaired that damage, and across multiple visits to Phuket, installed robust implants, and I opted for an almost complete set of crowns and implants, with the exception of I think only two teeth. I opted for the 'natural look' choice (and not a 'Hollywood' look) and the end result is, I have to say, superb.For years, I was reluctant to show my teeth in a smile, but all that has changed. My teeth were a mess to look at before they started.I also noticed that my bite is perfect now, and when I clench my teeth, everything fits together perfectly, and on both sides. Chewing is more comfortable, and I've had numerous positive comments from friends after I got home.Although they CAN do a major dental job in one or two visits, I spread it out over four visits to Phuket, since I was basically doing all my teeth. It was worth it, and I got to enjoy the spectacular area there multiple times.The equivalent work would have cost 4x or 5x the money here in Washington State, so there's that to consider, too. My feeling is, the work they've done for me is world-class quality.Their staff are exceptional to work with, and showed particular care, attention and patience to understand what I was looking for, and they took their time to get the bite, the look, and everything done right.The implants, molds, and equipment come from Germany and Switzerland. The 'labor' is local, of course, and the staff is clearly professionally trained and everyone speaks great English.Am SUPER satisfied with their work, their patience, and the end result. I'd HIGHLY recommend getting any implant or crown work done here. Even with the cost of the flights, the Airbnbs and spending money there, it's still a fraction of the price of here in the US. And you get to have a glorious vacation in one of the top tourist destinations in the world.
Anoli I.
Anoli I.
09:53 04 Jan 24
Highly recommended! I called, explained the situation and got for the same day an appointment. The staff was friendly and could speak good English. The doctor was very good, she recommended me the best treatment and not the most expensive one, which I appreciated. They are very nice and professional!
Manuel Plank
Manuel Plank
13:45 13 Jan 24
Friendly, comfortable and professional. The service which you expect to get when going to the dentist. You will have a good experience !
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