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Déanann Hairtran Clinic speisialtóireacht ar ionchlannáin gruaige. Bunaithe i 2019, tá an clinic deimhnithe seo lonnaithe i Bancác, sa Téalainn. Féach léirmheasanna custaiméirí, roimh/tar éis grianghraif agus fiafraigh faoi phraghas na máinliachta thar lear. Íoslódáil an fhoirm le haghaidh diagnóisic saor in aisce. Freagra tapa.

Hairtran Clinic , Bancác , An Téalainn

Bunaíodh Hairtran Clinic i mí Eanáir 2019. Cé go bhfuil an clinic sách nua, tá an-taithí ag dochtúirí agus speisialtóirí ar féidir leo cabhrú le réiteach fadhbanna maol, cúlú gruaige agus caillteanas gruaige trí theicnící trasphlandúcháin. Tá an fhoireann lánoilte ó cheardlanna an Chomhlachais Idirnáisiúnta Trasphlandaithe Gruaige sna Stáit Aontaithe, sa Tuirc, sa Mhalaeisia agus sa Chóiré.

Cuireann an clinic raon nósanna imeachta ar fáil chun do chaillteanas gruaige a chóireáil, lena n-áirítear instealltaí plasma ar mhórán pláitíní (PRP), trasphlandú gruaige FUE agus teiripe léasair leibhéal íseal. Feistithe le trealamh nua-aimseartha, cuireann an clinic an toradh is nádúrtha ar fáil do gach othar, gan scarring agus le torthaí buan. Ráthaíonn siad freisin torthaí den scoth duit ar phraghsanna réasúnta. Lonnaithe i gcroílár Bancác ar Sukhumvit Road, tá Hairtran Clinic inrochtana go héasca ó Chríochfort Bus Ekkamai East, Ekkamai BTS agus Phra Khanong BTS.

Cuireann siad áirithint iompair áitiúil ar fáil freisin, roghanna turasóireachta áitiúla, agus seirbhísí ateangaireachta agus aistriúcháin ionas nach gá d’othair a bheith buartha faoi bhacainní teanga. Tá an clinic timpeallaithe ag óstáin a fhreastalaíonn ar thurasóirí leighis agus ionad siopadóireachta. Le go leor athbhreithnithe dearfacha ó chustaiméirí, tá an clinic ar cheann de na háiteanna is fearr i Bancác chun trasphlandú gruaige rathúil a bheith agat.

Speisialtacht chlinic:

Ionchlannú Gruaige
Trasphlandú Gruaige
Trasphlandú féasóg
Trasphlandú eyelash
Trasphlandú mala
Trasphlandú Gruaige DHI
trasphlandú gruaige FUE
Trasphlandú Gruaige Óir FUE
Trasphlandú gruaige FUT
Trasphlandú Gruaige BHT

Seirbhísí +

Wifi saor in aisce,
Nuachtáin idirnáisiúnta
Seirbhísí Ateangaireachta
Treoir turasóireachta
Áirithint tacsaí
Seomraí príobháideacha
Seirbhísí aistriúcháin
Teilifís sa seomra

Cathair: Bancác – Tír: An Téalainn – Bunaithe i 2019
Creidiúnú: Nach bhfuil sonraithe – Teanga(cha) labhartha: Béarla, Téalainnis

Léirmheasanna Hairtran Clinic

Aaron Raja
Aaron Raja
16:25 19 Sep 23
Flew over to Bangkok from Singapore to get my hair transplant done at Hairtran a month ago and have to say I have no regrets in choosing this clinic. The prices quoted were very reasonable and the service provided was top notch.The doctor and staff very professional and the entire process was done smoothly with minimal discomfort. I also experienced no pain throughout the procedure as well as the days after it was completed.There was no issues with the language barrier as well as most of the staff are able to speak English. I’d highly recommend the clinic if you’re looking to get your transplant done in Bkk.
Peter S
Peter S
20:48 04 Oct 23
From the start to the final result, I was impressed with the whole team. Their English was perfect so no misunderstandings. The results far exceeded my expectations. The price was less than 25% of what I would have paid in Australia. There was virtually no pain throughout the whole procedure. The first week I only had a very mild discomfort and needed no pain relief. A month later virtually all numbness had gone and my hair was regrowing in line with the advice I was given. 3 months later and I was showing off my full head of hair with confidence. All my friends can’t believe how different I look and how much younger I look. I shopped around before going to Hairtran. They were my top pick due to their complete professionalism. I completely recommend them to anyone wanting to have this life changing procedure and have already referred several friends.Now the only problem I have with my hair is which haircut to get.You will not be disappointed. If anyone wants to talk with me about my experience then please reach out.
Bobby Sibell
Bobby Sibell
05:10 20 Jan 24
I've been self-conscious for many years about my hairline beginning to recede which I've always tried to hide. After much research and planning, I just had my hair transplant yesterday and can't put into words how happy I am. I am just so fortunate to be in the care of Dr. Patty and her team of kind, helpful staff.I admit what drew me to Dr. Patty and her clinic was a combination of affordability and technical expertise. The reasons that led me to that conclusion include honest unpaid-for reviews on multiple platforms, a clear unedited gallery of before/afters that showed the quality of her results, a website that shows her commitment to learning and using best techniques, and the promise of complete care and followup including a one year touchup if needed.Kevalee (spelling?), the international coordinator, helped me initially set everything up. I used Line for communicating with the clinic. She has been nice to meet in person as well and I appreciate her brevity. You can tell she is very good at her role and her English sounds nearly like a native speaker.Upon our appointment date I got to meet Dr Patty in person. Her English is also excellent. She is very smart and kind, easy to talk to, and caring. She has a lot of experience with hair transplants for many types of people. She has a lot of love and really wants what is best for you after careful consideration of you as a unique individual. I felt very much like I received personalized care, and was not just a number. As for my case, to my surprise she suggested I may not even need a transplant at all and asked if I may change my mind! Now that is honesty, she cares more about the patient and just doing the right thing, not just making a profit.During the consult Dr Patty designed my hairline after I gave her some suggestions of what I wanted and that I wanted it to look natural, I also showed her former photos of my hairline.. Honestly, I wanted a little more hair filled in but she said it would look unnatural. I appreciated her candor and since I trusted her I went with her recommendation. Of course, I will have to wait a year or so for the final results.After hair washing, a haircut (top is optional but I felt it would help the doctor to see and be easier for post op care), and photos came the procedure which went well. Her large team of at least 5-6 people worked either under or alongside her to complete the various steps in the procedure. I could tell they were a very well orchestrated team as they worked together. I was asked several times how my comfort was and if I needed breaks during the multi hour procedure. Since my case involved ~1800 grafts we were done by noon and I was provided a well appreciated lunch. I was given some medications to take home and a stylish (sarcasm intended) black poofy bandana to protect the follicles.I had my first hair washing today at the clinic and they say I can come back daily for hair washing and low level laser therapy which I'll take advantage of while I'm in town. The Dr is also monitoring some swelling I have (which happens often). In all, I couldn't be happier and can't wait to see how the final result will look and bring back my confidence.If Dr Patty or her staff are reading this, please don't change anything and keep doing what you're doing because I can't think of anything I would change.Thank you, RobertUpdate: Day 10 post op and had the scab removal today. The nurse said they came off easily and there was no bleeding. The Dr looked and is happy with the progress too. Sad I have to fly home tomorrow and will miss stopping by to say hi to the staff and for the inclusive washings with laser cap.
James YOU
James YOU
01:58 25 Nov 23
I contacted Hairtran via email for a hair transplant in 2022 and received detailed guidance on the process. I came to Thailand for the transplant, had the frontal hairline done smoothly, and after a year, I am very satisfied. I revisited Hairtran in 2023 for a second hair transplant on the crown, and just like the first time, the entire process was smooth and comfortable. I expect a good result from the second transplant as well. I highly recommend Hairtran for anyone considering a hair transplant.
Matthew Phillips
Matthew Phillips
18:20 13 Jan 24
I’ll spare the readers as to the reason why I chose to get a hair transplant as its not that relevant in this context. When I did decide, the next logical question that I asked myself was where? This is where Hairtran Clinic came into the picture. You can go down a rabbit hole in researching where to do the surgery, with multiple clinic options in multiple countries. I made the decision to go with Hairtran Clinic based on information provided on their website, the initial consultation with the clinic, and the fact that I was going to be in Thailand within that particular time frame.I have to say I was very impressed with the communication and attention to detail prior to arriving for the procedure. Therefore, it was no surprise on the day of the surgery of the top notched professionalism and service. Everyone was kind, respectful and made you felt comfortable (I guess as comfortable as one could be getting a cosmetic surgery done ☺)The surgery went really well. Dr Pukpinya and her team front and back of house did a fantastic job. I enjoyed witnessing the efficiency of the whole process. I would highly recommend this team to any one still on the fence as to where they want to have their transplant surgery done you will not be disappointed. As for me, it is now time to wait and look forward to seeing the results.
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