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Déanann Tanfer Clinic speisialtóireacht i gcúram fiaclóireachta. Bunaithe i 1987, tá an clinic deimhnithe TEMOS seo lonnaithe in Iostanbúl, Türkiye. Féach léirmheasanna custaiméirí, roimh/tar éis grianghraif agus fiafraigh faoi phraghas na máinliachta thar lear. Íoslódáil an fhoirm le haghaidh diagnóisic saor in aisce. Freagra tapa.

Tanfer Clinic , Iostanbúl , an Tuirc

Fostaíonn Tanfer Clinic cúigear fiaclóirí, orthodontóir, máinlia déadach agus an iliomad sláinteachais agus cúntóirí chun cóireáil a dhéanamh ar raon leathan fadhbanna fiaclóireachta.

Cuireadh oiliúint ar an bunaitheoir, an Dr. Nihat Tanfer, ag Ollscoil Marmara in Iostanbúl agus d’oibrigh sé i Milano agus Zurich sular fhill sé ar Iostanbúl chun Tanfer Clinic a bhunú, arb iad a bpríomhspeisialaíochtaí ná máinliacht béil agus aghaidhe, fiaclóireacht ghinearálta, ortadóntaic, fiaclóireacht chosmaideach agus aisiríoch agus peiriadóneolaíocht. .

I measc na nósanna imeachta coitianta tá ionchlannáin, corónacha, droichid agus veiníreanna. Áirítear ar sheirbhísí idirnáisiúnta cúnamh taistil agus lóistín. Tá carr ar fáil d’othair ar cuairt. Tá Béarla á labhairt ag formhór na mball foirne. Tá ateangairí ar fáil don Fhraincis, don Ghearmáinis, don Rúisis agus don Iodáilis.

Speisialtacht chlinic:

Cúram fiaclóireachta
X-ghathaithe fiaclóireachta
Atógáil fréimhe corónach
Eastóscadh fiaclóireachta
líonadh fiacla
Cóireáil canála fréimhe
Garda béal pearsanta
Seiceáil fiacla
Plánáil fréamhacha
Choróin fiacail
Fiacla whitening
Veinírí fiaclóireachta
Eastóscadh fiaclóireachta
Dírialú Créachta
Ionchlannán fiaclóireachta
Greamadh fíocháin gingival
Cóireáil cyst fiaclóireachta
Trasphlandú sinus
Próistéis hibrideach ar ionchlannáin
Greamadh cnámh
Comhairliúchán fiaclóireacht cosmaideacha
Comhairliúchán fiaclóireachta

Tairgeann Tanfer Clinic duit:

Aistriú aerfoirt
Cóiríocht teaghlaigh
Áirithint eitilte
Wifi saor in aisce,
Áirithint óstán
Seirbhísí Ateangaireachta
Treoir turasóireachta
Áirithint tacsaí
Taifid leighis a aistriú
Comhairliúchán idirlín
Teileafón sa seomra
Seirbhísí aistriúcháin

Cathair: Iostanbúl – Tír: An Tuirc – Bunaithe i 1987
Creidiúnú: TEMOS – Teanga(cha) labhartha: Béarla, Tuircis

Athbhreithniú ar Chlinic Tanfer

Konstantin Rostovtsev
Konstantin Rostovtsev
11:36 16 Mar 23
Great clinic, very friendly staff and professional doctors. Definitely would recommend
Sarah Abu-hijleh
Sarah Abu-hijleh
11:36 05 May 22
We always come to tanfer klinik, their services are amazing and they give you a pleasant experience. Their team is welcoming especially Esra she was wonderful and very helpful to us we love her 💙
13:20 08 Sep 18
Visited Tanfer Clinic recently and got top quality service and a great price for the treatment I wish to receive. Having spoken to the surgeon it is clear to see that they are well experienced and know what is needed to be done.
Winarmi Winarmi
Winarmi Winarmi
10:32 25 Jan 22
Very professional team, I don't speak Turkish, Esra did amazing job at translating, one of the medical team Maysa is excellent in English too. All the Dental experience for my treatment was excellent. I recomended Tanfer Klinik for anyone who looking for any kind of Dental treatment. 5 Stars
Dana M.
Dana M.
19:15 25 Oct 18
I went to this office over the course of a year. Implants to left upper with extractions, crowns to 2 front upper teeth. Two root canals and crowns to left lower teeth. One thing, over the course of almost a year I noticed is the high rate in turnover of dentists. Some of the dentists I liked and some were terrible. The crowns to the top front upper teeth were done twice. The first time, they were not sealed properly & I felt sensitivity to cold when drinking. She dropped one crown on the floor & it cracked, so she put an unpolished crown in and the color started to change. I complained many times and eventually a dentist listened to me. I really liked this man. He did one of my root canals & crowns & after redid the front crowns. Around the same time, I noticed the material of the implants starting to degrade. It began to feel rough against my tongue.The first time, they hammered it off & sent it to the lab & polished it. It's happening again, so I will leave it and I am resigned to the fact I will have to have the crown piece of the implants replaced. You get what you pay for. This is anywhere in Turkey. If you are quoted a cheap price for crowns, you get cheap, so don't think you are getting this fantastic deal if it's too good to be true. As I said earlier, I liked some dentists in this office & others I didn't. The man I really liked convinced me to get implants to my right lower jaw. He and his wife both worked there. I trusted him and he said his wife had years of experience. I didn't like my experience during the first implants, this is why I was hesitant. I said yes & paid the first portion of the payment of $870. Later I was supposed to pay for the actual crowns themselves. When I came back to get the second root canal, a few days later, he & his wife were gone & had both quit. This horrified me because I didn't want a particular dentist to work on me anymore. I asked for my money back for the implants not yet started after thinking on it for a bit. It happened to fall on a monday when I asked. The man who took my Whatsapp messages was very prompt in answering my messages & keeping me updated on the return of my money. He said I would get my money back, but no day was given when. I then threatened to come down there and not leave until I got my money, so finally on a thursday, I was told by the nice fellow from Egypt to come. After sitting for an hour and a half, I went to the 4th floor walking around trying to find someone. A lady took me to the 3rd floor. Then Sofi (not sure her role in the clinic except to smile and tell you that you look good) came up to me & told me how she was instrumental in getting my money back for me. Sofi is the type of woman, once she gets your payment from you, she will barely acknowledge you after. Not that I really care. Haha. Actually, I find it a little amusing she thinks she is convincing. Then she gives me an envelope with 3200 lira, which was about $200 less than the $870 I gave her. Wow! I was so angry. Believe me, they don't want lira from their patients, so why do they give me lira back? She was trying to steal money from me. After saying this to her, among other things, she said she would be back. Later she comes with $870 and two forms for me to sign. One saying I am requesting my money & I have received it and the other was in Turkish, so I have no idea what it said. After she gives me MY money back, she turns all sweet & asks me why I didn't want the work done. Anyways, I sure wondered why she didn't give me papers to sign when she gave me the Turkish lira. Seems to me, when someone spends thousands of dollars at their business, they should not try to steal from them after. Would I recommend this office? No. Finally, upgrade from the basic crown so you hopefully won't feel roughness later. (Is the material degrading?) I really don't know.Update October 25 2018. One corner of a crown over my implant is crumbling. I don't eat hard food. All the crowns are rough. The material is very weak. I will have to pay again for more. 😾😡
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