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Forme Clinic Prague

Déanann Clinic Forme speisialtóireacht i máinliacht cosmaideacha. Bunaithe i 2013, tá an clinic deimhnithe seo lonnaithe i bPrág, Poblacht na Seice. Féach léirmheasanna custaiméirí, roimh/tar éis grianghraif agus fiafraigh faoi phraghas na máinliachta thar lear. Íoslódáil an fhoirm le haghaidh diagnóisic saor in aisce. Freagra tapa.

Clinic Forme , Prág , Poblacht na Seice

Bunaíodh Clinic Forme in 2013 agus is clinic máinliacht plaisteach é. Déanann sí speisialtóireacht ar an raon is cuimsithí de nósanna imeachta máinliachta agus neamh-mháinliachta cosmaideacha agus tá sí bródúil as a rá go soláthraíonn sí rochtain ar na cóireálacha, caighdeáin agus cleachtais is fearr.

Is rogha coitianta é an clinic i measc othair idirnáisiúnta atá ag lorg nósanna imeachta cosmaideacha ardchaighdeáin inacmhainne, mar shampla ardaitheoirí aghaidhe, blepharoplasty, rinoplasty, lialanna cíche, ionchlannáin lao, tucks bolg, liposuction, Botox, ionchlannáin masa, leigheasanna maol agus lialanna smig agus leiceann.

Toisc go bhfuil líon na n-áiteanna teoranta, faigheann gach cuairteoir an cúram is fearr óna máinlia agus altra le linn a gcóireála.

Speisialtacht chlinic:

Máinliacht plaisteach
Cóireáil wrinkle
Méadú liopaí
Laghdú nipple
laghdú Areola
Ceartú nipple
Deireadh a chur le hionchlannáin chíche
Ardaitheoir muineál
Aistriú saille
cheeks Hollow – Bichectomy
Ardaitheoir cervico-aghaidh
Ardaitheoir Butt
Laghdú cíche
Méadú mamaigh
Ionchlannáin laonna
Ionchlannáin buttock
Ardaitheoir thigh

Seirbhísí +

Aistriú aerfoirt
Wifi saor in aisce,
Áirithint óstán
Nuachtáin idirnáisiúnta
Seirbhísí Ateangaireachta
Seomraí príobháideacha
Seirbhísí aistriúcháin
Teilifís sa seomra

Cathair : Prág – Tír: Poblacht na Seice – Bunaithe i 2013
Creidiúnú: Nach bhfuil sonraithe – Teanga(cha) labhartha: Seicis, Béarla, Gearmáinis, Rúisis

Léirmheasanna Clinic Formé

Esmeralda Cañas Espino
Esmeralda Cañas Espino
12:03 14 May 21
3 months ago I had a medical review with Dr. Baran, I requested a miniabdominoplastia. Dr Baran review my body and insisted in just make a Liposuction, in which I was skeptical 🧐.The surgery day at morning review I tried again to convince him about what I wanted and he insisted in liposuction, so we finished with the liposucción.Now I can tell that I have great results on my body just what I was expecting, I am really happy with the results about doctor's work.😁 I want to mention that the Dr. Anesthetist gave me a lot of confidence, he was very sympathetic and he definitely does his work great, in my talk with him before surgery he explained all procedure perfectly. I want to thank him please (I don't remember his name) but he is great, his work is as important as the surgeon. ❤️Additional I have to say that my experience at clinic was great, the nurses all tooked care about me, they where all kind, and they where taking care even at night, the food was amazing, the room very cleaned and pretty. In general service was better that I was expecting. I would do it again in this place.👍
Olivia Murray
Olivia Murray
15:11 31 Jul 23
Had a rhinoplasty done by Dr Vasek last month, it was an absolutely amazing experience. I was very nervous as I’d never had any type of surgery before but as soon as I spoke with Dr Vasek I knew that I was in great hands. All the staff at the clinic were amazing, so nice and super professional which made me feel very safe, having travelled alone from abroad. Rhinoplasty recovery is a long process but I was so surprised by how instantly great my result looked as soon as the cast came off, it’s looking even better now a month in and will continue to heal over the coming months. The aftercare was also really good, the clinic was super responsive to a query I had a few days after surgery. Definitely recommend!
Dilara Arslan
Dilara Arslan
18:03 17 Nov 23
the clinic is excellent, I have no complaints. Perfect staff from the reception to the anesthesiologist, you are all so nice and the care of the nurses is absolutely fantastic. I have already had my third surgery here, which was performed by Dr. Bayer and it is absolutely perfect. I am very satisfied. Her hands are yellow 🙏🏻Dilara Arslan❤️
Inna Artiushenko
Inna Artiushenko
08:39 23 Jan 24
My mother and I had a disappointing experience at the Forme clinic. We scheduled an operation, but the pre-operative examination that cost 4 500 Kč was questionable. The EKG machine malfunctioned, incorrectly indicating that my mother had a heart attack. This caused us great distress, but an external cardiologist later confirmed her heart was fine (additional money and time spent).The operation was postponed to the next day. However, they proceeded without her blood test results, which later revealed elevated liver enzymes. The anesthesiologist deemed this a contraindication for anesthesia, leading to the operation’s cancellation.Despite not performing the operation, the clinic charged us for it. Via email they promised a refund within 60 days, sending their terms and conditions where it says only 30 days, but delayed it even further. Initially, they agreed to refund the full cost, including the examination, but later only refunded the operation’s cost. They insisted the examination was faultless, despite the incorrect heart attack diagnosis, delayed test results, and overall disregard for our time and commitmentsLater we did the operation elsewhere without any issues.
Noah Tashi
Noah Tashi
00:07 08 Jan 24
I visited this Clinic over 3 years ago for an upper blepharoplasty and I have been suffering from it ever since. After all this time I finally took the courage to speak out and I will also get in touch with the Clinic. First of all, in my opinion way too much skin was taken, which completely changed the shape of my eyes and making them appear hollow. Both eyelids are also uneven and not proportional. It also feels physically unnatural and unpleasant as if there is not enough eyelid skin left. Lastly … after 3 years the scars did not heal, i have scars on both eyelids that look like a red eyeliner. The lids are always redish and irritated. It never fully heals. This surgery severly impacted my mental health. They say the eyes are the window to the soul … I should have never come here.
Raoof Zarka
Raoof Zarka
10:25 12 Dec 23
I visited this clinic five years ago for a nose rhinoplasty and, regrettably, it turned out to be a highly disappointing experience. Initially, there was an agreement on the cost, but after the surgery, I was unexpectedly charged an additional 200 euros. Two days post-surgery, I developed a throat infection and was very ill. When I contacted the clinic for assistance, they merely advised me to get treatment from a pharmacy.A month later, upon removing the nose protection, I discovered that my nose was unevenly shaped, with one side larger than the other and a noticeable slope. After discussing this issue with the clinic and sending them pictures, they informed me that one of the nasal stitches had opened, which they did not consider to be their fault. They eventually offered a corrective operation, but required me to pay an additional fee and wait at least a year before undergoing the surgery.Recently, I contacted them to schedule the corrective surgery but received no response. Despite multiple attempts to reach out, they have not replied to me. To add to the disappointment, my nose shape is now worse than it was before the procedure. In summary, this was one of the worst experiences I've ever had with a clinic in terms of both service and professional care.Response to your response :Hello,I appreciate your response, but I must clarify some points. You mentioned not receiving any communication from me or the agency, but I believe you may need to revisit the last email I sent, in which I requested clear clarification about the next steps. Unfortunately, there was no response. Additionally, I have records of WhatsApp messages sent to the agency that also went unanswered.Moreover, I was under the impression that the clinic would initiate contact post-procedure to ensure everything was progressing well, yet I never received any follow-up from your team. It's quite disheartening to observe the prompt attention given to a public review, in stark contrast to the lack of response when I directly reached out via email or through your agency.It's truly disappointing how my attempts at communication were overlooked until this matter was brought to a public platform. This experience reflects poorly on the clinic's commitment to patient care and follow-up.
00:18 18 Jan 24
You've done enough. I'd to undergo 3 operations to fix what your butcher of a surgeon did to me. I still have deep scars. Every surgeon who did corrective surgery on me later had been shocked by his work. That was an awful experience. I deeply regret putting my trust in your clinic every single day. You are lucky that I just want to leave this all behind. Be extra careful with this place.
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